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EASA 2020 Conference: film programme

Atualizado: 15 de mai. de 2021

Details of the film programme for EASA 2020 have been released. Sessions will take place virtually, between 21 and 24 of July.

Attempting to reduce the effects of the COVID pandemia in the long term, in April, EASA took the decision to move the Conference to the virtual mode. Thus the EASA film programme will take place virtually. The upside of this mode is that all film directors will be present for Q/A. Sessions take place between 21 and 24 of July.

Statement of the film convenors

The call for films received 225 films – totalling 136 hours – from literally every part of the world, with different formats, genres, productions and intentions. We selected 22 films (fitting into the 16.5hrs available) which gives a comprehensive representation in terms of geographies, topics and ethnographic approaches, but also modes of production, cinematographies, formats, and technologies. Film in anthropology is now a well-established practice inside and outside academia; nevertheless, there is still a long and ongoing process of recognition that must involve all of us who ‘care’ about (audio)visual forms of representation. This film programme intends to be more than a ‘simple’ screening moment. It also wishes to offer a time-space to discuss the (audio)visual in anthropology, the place and role of film in this discipline, thus encouraging a wide-open debate that concerns epistemology and anthropology’s convergence with art. The presence of the filmmakers in the sessions is crucial to achieve this goal, as it will allow fruitful discussions on the use of film and filmmaking practices in the context of an academic event. We count on everyone – filmmakers, conference delegates, students and the general public – to make this a memorable moment.

Join us on this celebration, through film and anthropology, of the “new anthropological horizons” that lie there, just a screen away, beyond the limits of our everyday lives.”

Amaya Sumpsi, anthropologist, CRIA/FCSH-NOVA Catarina Alves Costa, anthropologist, FCSH-NOVA / CRIA Humberto Martins, anthropologist, UTAD / CRIA-UM Inês Ponte, anthropologist, ICS-ULisboa Rodrigo Lacerda, anthropologist, CRIA NOVA FCSH/UC Sofia Sampaio, researcher in cinema and anthropology, CRIA-IUL

Details of the programme can be found here.

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